Investment Philosophy

  1. We invest our client’s money how we invest our own:  When asked by investors how we invest our money the answer is simple; we invest in our strategies. This simplifies the decision-making process and further aligns our interests with those of our clients.
  2. We focus on loss aversion:  This theory states that all things being equal, the effect of losing capital has a more profound negative effect on both investor psyche as well as performance in actual dollars than the positive effect of participating in the full upside of a rising market. It is a simple but important concept that many traditional equity strategies are not designed to account for.
  3. Diversification is not enough: Although diversification is an important tool in the appropriate context, it does not provide significant enough protection against major market downturns.
  4. We invest in a more unconstrained fashion:  Each strategy is designed to improve the predictability and stability of returns based around the specific goals and risk tolerance of the investment objective. We pride ourselves on our top-down research focus with both technical and fundamental underpinnings allowing us to manage our strategies to reflect our unique views on the market.
Market Research