Bluestone Global Macro Fund

The Bluestone Global Macro Strategy is a directional, long-short separate account with a principal objective that seeks to provide investors with an attractive risk-adjusted return over the intermediate-term to long-term through the identification and investment in significant macroeconomic developments. As the investment mananger, Bluestone Capital Management, believes that economic, monetary, political, demographic, industry, and secular trends and developments create opportunities that can be exploited by a partnership with a flexible global discretionary mandate. The strategy may invest and trade in global fixed-income, commodity, currency, and equity markets and their related derivatives, including with the use of ETF’s.   The lead portfolio manager for this strategy is Richard Farr.  The strategy’s investment process draws on Mr. Farr’s twenty years of financial and investment experience, particularly within a global macroeconomic framework.


  • Richard Farr
  • Jim McGovern



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