Bluestone Aalii Absolute Return Fund


The Bluestone Aalii Absolute Return Fund is an investment fund that consists of a diversified allocation of a strategies designed to generate predictable and stable positive returns in nearly any market environment. During our rigorous due diligence process, special emphasis is placed on minimizing the standard deviation of returns and maximizing predictability and stability of returns by investing in investments with no correlation to the returns of public equity and debt markets.


  • Brian C. Shevland
  • Lee A. Calfo




  • Typically 50–70 positions
  • Maximum position size is 7%
  • Top 10 holdings are typically greater than 25% of net assets
  • Maximum industry exposure is 20%
  • Maximum sector exposure is 30%


The portfolio typically invests in small- and mid-capitalization companies defined as those companies with a market capitalization between $500 million and $10 billion (or if greater, the maximum market capitalization of companies generally within the capitalization range of the Russell 2500 Index), at the time of purchase.

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